First Class Diver David Ainsley has operated a dive charter boat from Seil, on the West coast of Scotland near Oban for 30 years.

David is the most experienced sports diver in the area with over 4000 dives here, and has extensive knowledge of the wildlife of the area below and above the water. Our capable crew will look after you and provide hot drinks and biscuits.

One of Scotland’s Best Protected Areas

This is Scotland’s best kept secret : the Firth of Lorne Special Area of Conservation and Marine Protected Area. This is one of the best long-term protected areas on Scotland, the only fishing allowed is eco-friendly creel fishing and scallop diving. Rocky reefs host an exceptional level of biodiversity and abundance. There are loads of fish, and porpoise numbers have increased by 286% over the last decade!

The SAC includes the Corryvreckan Whirlpool and the offshore Garvellach Islands. The unique archipelago of islands and deep channels provides a great variety of dive-sites. There are inshore sea-lochs with minimal tide and sheltered colourful high-energy channels such as Cuan, the Sound of Luing and the Grey Dogs.

This is the ideal area for Winter, Spring and Autumn Diving!

There are good sheltered sites with diving for all levels of experience in most weather conditions. For groups of experienced divers the area offers some of the best high-energy diving in Scotland.

Our big seaworthy boat is one of the fastest dive charter boats in Scotland and easily reaches the Sound of Mull Wrecks and the rarely dived offshore Torran rocks. The purpose built “Porpoise II”, with nearly 900 well-silenced horsepower, is Scotland’s most powerful dive charter boat. This huge boat offers safety, (Marine Coastguard Agency 60 mile licence) stability, comfort, refreshments and toilet, with a heated wheelhouse.

Please explore our website to find out more about our boat, dive sites and the other wildlife you may see.