Dive Sites

We visit all the famous Sound of Mull wrecks, including Hispania, Rhondo, Thesis, Shuna and also the Breda.

Our area of operation includes the Garvellachs (part of the Firth of Lorne Special Area of Conservation), the Sound of Mull and the area south of the Isle of Mull, including the spectacular Atlantic pinnacles around the Torran rocks, near Iona.

This whole area is one of outstanding natural beauty. In the Firth of Lorn, Scotland’s best kept diving secret, the huge sea cliffs of uninhabited islands plunge into clear nutrient rich oceanic waters. The rocky seabed, somewhat akin to an underwater mountain range, is richly carpeted in scarce and beautiful sealife, such as anemones, sea fans, sponges and starfish.

The coast and reefs have laid claim to many ships in the past, and today there are a number of spectacular wreck dives to be found here. The Firth of Lorn is a real hot-spot for sightings of porpoise, dolphins and whales; in recent years the West Coast of Scotland has become the best place for sightings of basking shark around Britain. But its not just the astonishing variety of sealife that we enjoy.

There is also a rich and varied wildlife above the waves too. On the shoreline you may also see grey seals, common seals and otters while on the rugged slopes above deer and feral goats roam. Eagles, buzzards and peregrine falcons can often be seen circling above.

To see details of some of our dive sites, click on the links below.

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