Drift Dives

This part of the West Coast of Scotland offers World-class drift diving. The archipelago of islands forms numerous tidal channels, with a huge variety from gentle drifts, which may be suitable for the less experienced, to the most extreme dives in Britain. The area includes the infamous Corryvreckan Whirlpool; the dives around the whirlpool are suited to only a very small number of the most experienced and fit divers in the Country.

We understand from our customers that people who do most of their diving on the south coast, may consider scenic and drift dives as being inferior to wreck diving. In the Firth of Lorne this is definitely not the case!

The area has been designated a Special Area of Conservation because of its rocky reefs and porpoises, and surveys show that the abundance and variety of marine life on these reefs, which are the envy of Europe and are second only to St. Kilda.

Dunchonnuil Sound

pinksuitata1Dunchonnuil Sound is a channel between two of the islands in the Garvellachs chain. It has a wall covered in soft corals which catches the midday sun. At slack water this is a favourite site for underwater photographers, and with appropriate care on the timing and weather conditions gives an opportunity for less experienced divers to enjoy a colourful, high-energy site in clear water. However, with the tide at its fastest, this is a very advanced and exciting drift dive.

Cuan Sound

anemonedaCuan Sound is an excellent dive site, that owing to its shelter and ease of access from Balvicar, can be sheltered and diveable even in weather conditions that would exclude other sites. It is a tidal channel with every rock surface covered in a huge variety of colourful, filter-feeding life. Local specialities include; the vibrant purple anemone, Sargartia elegans var cuanensis and a very rare species of sponge, which fills the cracks in the slate walls. Because of the strong tides in the area some of the dives in Cuan are suitable only for experienced divers, although there are more straightforward sites for less experienced divers close by. We are always happy to work more than one dive site in the interests of safety.

Torsa Sound

octopusda04Torsa Sound is in many ways similar to Cuan, but tides are less extreme here. It is also a good sheltered dive site, that can be accessible to us even on a windy day.

The Grey Dogs

dashowingstrongtidesincorryvreckanareaThe Grey Dogs, or Little Corryvreckan, is another of the famous drift dives in this area. A number of dives are possible around here. In places the bedrock forms a series of spectacular gullies and as with all high energy sites the encrusting life on the rocks is colourful and spectacular.

There are a number of other drift dives in our area of operation, which are less known, but are at least the equal of the better known sites.

To see details of some of our dive sites, click on the links below.

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