Diving with Conger Eels

There are a number of dive sites in the area where conger eels can be seen with good reliability.

congeranddiverWe frequently enjoy exciting dives in the area as there are number of ‘tame’ conger eels, often to be found swimming in the open. We have been diving this area regularly since the late 1980’s and find that the same individuals stay for a number of years. The eels are thought eventually to head for part of the Sargasso Sea, where after a journey of some 3,000 miles, they spawn and die. David’s extensive diving experience of the area, spanning four decades, will help give you the best opportunity to see these awesome fish.

To see details of some of our dive sites, click on the links below.

                      1 dive site        2 dive site         3 dive site         4 dive site